Saturday, January 29, 2011

Convert Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money Scam

Earnings on exchange procedure from Liberty Reserve USD to Perfect Money USD.

Everyone can earn up to 1000$ every day now !!! I have processed a new system for earnings. You need to have accounts in 2 payment systems - Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money and even 10$ in your Liberty Reserve account.

The system is too simple. Here it is:

1. You need to add money to your Liberty Reserve account if you don't have it. Click here to see how.

2. Firstly exchange 10 USD Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money USD using exchanger on course 10 Liberty Reserve USD = 13.2 Perfect Money USD

3. Then you need to exchange back from Perfect Money to Liberty Reserve USD using exchangers , , , on average course 13.2 Perfect Money USD = 12.2 Liberty Reserve USD. (chose exchanger with the best rate and reserve of currency )

4.Profit from one exchange action is about 2 $ !!!

5. Repeat this procedure 30 times (about 1 hour) and the clear profit will be 60$ !!!

Attention !!! The minimal amount for exchange is 10 Liberty Reserve USD . Courses may change !!!

I can earn up to 1000$ per day using this system in the worst day. I advertise this system not for free. I became the partner of this exchangers and receive 10% after your each exchange if you click on my site !!!

Registration in Liberty Reserve

Registration in Perfect Money .

If you come across something like this please pause and think, is it really possible? And if somebody has really made money through this then please do let me know by posting comments.

As per me this looks like a Scam to me.


  1. this is scam i lost my 10 dollar really they are playing with dream nothing else

  2. how will a site that worth $21 be doing such a business ?

  3. Our exchanger offers you to exchange your e-currency. The exchange procedure takes 1-2 minutes. And it is fully automatic

  4. according to their statement above it takes 1-2 minutes for them to transfer money to Perfect payment system

    2 hours later and my money has still not hit my account $40 i lost i will wait 24 hours and then charge it back through Liberty Reserve so in essence i will lose nothing! i hope you are not running a scam sir!!!

  5. 6 hours later and still no money in my Liberty account! it looks like this is a complete scam! dont worry! just charge back from Liberty and you will get your money back!

  6. This is why I have posted this article here as I think this is a big SCAM. Please beware and don't convert your money from Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money using their system as surely you will loose your money. Also I tried to send mails to them on the addressed listed on the contact page. All of them were undeliverable.

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  11. i got scam too do your know how to get my money back from those scammers! my email address is! Please i dont want them to get away with this!

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  13. i got scam out of $80, please how do i get my money back from those scammers! my email address is! Please the money was borroed.


    this scam is still going on,i got this email and link spammed to me,but if its too good to be true,then its a not trying this

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  16. I waz scammed of $50 for exchange of libertyreserve to perfectmoney on dis site...

    beware!I waz scammed of $50 for exchange of libertyreserve to perfectmoney on dis site...


  17. what is the best money converter biz?

  18. Goto the liberty reserve website to get a list of good and genuine e-currency exchangers

    1. dear umer i m khalid from pakistan. please reply me that the money exchange system from LR to PM is genuine or not?

    2. This is scam and you will lose your money so please don't use it

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  20. ya that's really scam, i lose my money $20 with this site, i send the msg but till now no response from them.beware with this opportunity on line work ,really scam.

    here is ri8 info

  22. all the post in this blog are nigerian 1 dollars scamsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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  24. this site is really scam i lost my $100 on the site

  25. i tried the exchanger you provided,its a scamm..later on i found this site and it works perfectly..and also speedxchanger seems fine but i havent tried it..

  26. both & speedchanger have the same service but different layout if you have been using the former and it's working fine I think the latter is a scam to deceive people pls u can email me on

  27. you are right bro, i have just been scam of $20. please is there no way we can track this scammers down.

  28. Fellow Nigerians, Please i beg you in the name of God don't fall for this people. the are not real. it is a scam. i am a victim of $20. it is better you patronize the genuine people like who are trying to build traffic for their site and paying for referral program.
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  29. Just scammed of $30 via

    My 2nd time of being scammed in this 2012. WHY ALWAYS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simple... None of them are real. The real exchangers, change 1LR to 0.9...PM. Meaning that $20Lr will give u around $17Pm. That's the real business, because the exchangers earn from each exchange. But these scams told us that 1Lr will give u 1.35PM which would lure us to convert and they won't ever pay you back.


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  35. pls how do you charge back ur money to your liberty reserve account.

    @ umar, is it even possible? tell me how pls.


    1. There are a few genuine exchanges which are listed on the liberty reserve site which you can use to convert your money or e-money to liberty reserve. Please only use the exchanges which are listed on the liberty reserve website

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  37. hey check this

  38. My name is charles.this message i presumed it to be a scam b/c i lost my $50 transferred to my perfect account. transferred was successful and deducted from my liberty reserve account but vanished and not credited since on 25/2/13 uptill now in the perfect money account.plz friends can any help me recover it for ?.

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  41. SCAM..SCAM These dirty guys changed their site regulary so as to look genuine. is one of them .I lost $10 LR just now. I should have done some research..

  42. Please I need a loan of $30 perfect money I will payback in 3 days returning will be $100

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